Lokahi Dog Grooming

Service & Price

☺Basic Grooming

-Nail trim, dremel

-Ear cleaning

-Paw pad & Sanitary shave

-Anal gland expression



-Brushing & Comb out( Dematting is extra) or Deshed

-Light trim around paw & eyes

*Dematting is extra charge $1/1 minut

☺Full Grooming

Basic Grooming + Full hair cut

☺Additional service

-Medicated bath $5~10

-Deshead package(deshead solution shampoos&conditioner) $5~$10

-Fleas & Ticks care bath $5~10

-Organic aromatherapy special spa $8~

-Mud mask $15~

-Clean feet(shave all toes fur) $5

-Teeth brushing $5

☺Ala Cart Care

-Nail trim &Dremel (small breed $10, medium to llarge breed $15~18)

-Nail trim& dremel + paw pad shave (small breed $20, medium to large bree$25~30)

-Ear cleaning $6

-Anal gland expression $ 6

-Face trim $10~

☺Shampo Tickets

5 times and 10 times

Lokahi Dog Grooming has good rate shampoo tickets for clients need bath frequently to coat maintain, skin problem, after beach and so on.

Price is depends on dogs.Please ask.



-Rgular clients special...$5 discount every time with come back within 6 weeks


Basic G / Full G

Tiny breed $30~ / $50~

Small breed $35~ / $60~

Medium breed $45~ / $70~

-Price is depends on how big your dog, thickness of fur, coat type, temporament and what kind of hair cut you want. More fluffy style needs more sccisoring which means more costs.(Dematting is extra costs $1/1 minut)

-For inquire, please text with the informtion of breed, pounds, hair style(shave down, short but not too short, little fluff style, or just trim). 8083828644